About Me

My name is Ajaideep Bassi but everyone just calls me AJ. I am 21 years old, P.G. born and raised (On the playground was where I spent most of my days). If you got that reference we are now friends.

I used to be extremely introverted up until the last 3 months where I proactivly chose to be more open. It works wonders, never have felt more confident. 10/10 would recommend!

I am in my 4th year of a biology degree as a student at the University of Northern British Columbia. My original plan was to go to medical school but recently I’ve realized I’d rather go into dental.

I usually have some sort of side business going on, I’ve had a media managing one in the past and currently have wanted to try drop shipping so I’m going to be selling hats (Mainly cause I wanted hats for myself and bulk seemed like a good idea at the time).

Shows & Music

I would say I have a very vast taste for entertainment. I watch Western shows such as “Suits” and “How I Met Your Mother”, to other country shows such as anime like “One Piece” and “Haikyuu”. I also try to watch some sort of Hindi/Punjabi movie once a week with my family. As for music I listen to almost anything from any language, whether its Japanese, Punjabi, English, French, or Spanish. Recently I’ve been enjoying “Outside” by Bryson Tiller and “2055” by Sleepy Hallow.


I’ve played sports growing up my whole life, but the sport I fell in love with was basketball. Had dreams about going to the NBA and even had ideas for my signature shoe. But then I realized I only grew to be 6 feet tall and had no connections towards a career in basketball. I was a sharpshooter though.

I also play video games whenever I can which is usually around once a week. I play games from first person shooters like Warzone and CSGO to other genres of games such as Rocket League and League of Legends.

I used to play guitar growing up and recently chose to pick it back up. I’ve been self teaching myself through youtube tutorials but am no where near as good as I remember being as a kid.

Sorry about the slight buzz but here’s what I’ve learnt so far
Madison Beer – Reckless
This is me from like 2 years ago
Found Someone Better
My Highschool Basketball Team of my Senior Year