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  • Final Project (Proof of Concept): The NBA’s Impact in Racial Justice Awareness

    Background of the NBA and its interactions with Racial Justice Over the years, the NBA has become more than just a sport and broadened its horizons to become a platform for players to voice not only their opinions but issues and matters around the world. It is clear that the impacts the NBA have had […]

  • Critiquing and Reflecting on Digital Humanities Week 9

    This week’s readings and media posts had many themes introduced as well as some being reintroduced from previous weeks. We went over how methods can be biased not only from a societal standpoint but can also happen from an algorithmic standpoint too. The idea of digital humanities is to further progress our digital humanities techniques […]

  • StoryMap-Knight Lab Week 8

    I chose to do the History of GIS while using a GIS program such as StoryMap-Knight Lab as the irony of it really brought me joy. This week’s assignment was very fun! Some issues I did have were to do with certain links not working but eventually I started copying the links from the share […]

  • Timeline-Knight Lab Week 7

    This week’s assignment was very fun to do as it reminded me of my childhood when I would make timelines of superhero universes with my friends. I know, very nerdy! Issues I had were when I wanted to get an Image URL I could post. I wasn’t able to do it using google chrome so […]

  • Project Proposal

    My Projects goal and theme: I have decided to base my project how the NBA relates to politics in todays day and age. My objective is to study the influences of the NBA since its origin, and how it grew to be a powerful political organizaton. This project will use a multitude of digital tools […]

  • Twinery Story Week 6

    LITTLE ONE This week’s task was very addicting as I noticed Twinery’s potential of having endless possibilities firsthand. I noticed myself doing too many unique options and realizing later that I needed to somehow interTWINE (haha, get it) them somehow. I ended up realizing I had too much going on and had to eliminate some […]

  • Voyant Reflection Week 5

    I used Voyant Tools to analyze the late President Lincoln’s 84 speeches & letters dated from the years 1832-1865 from Alan Liu’s Data Collections and Datasets. This corpus has 84 documents with 82,513 total words and 6,788 unique word forms. The data I selected was intriguing to me as I’ve always heard of Lincoln and how big of […]

  • Omeka Reflection Week 4

    This week we used an OCR (Optical character recognition) program in order to just simply convert text from the real world into a digitized version. I chose to use an app from the Apple App Store known as “Text Scanner (OCR)”. The app was free to use and really easy to navigate through. All it […]

  • Reflections/Assignments

    Final Project (Proof of Concept) Critiquing and Reflecting on Digital Humanities Week 9 StoryMap-Knight Lab Week 8 Project Proposal Week 7.5 Timeline-Knight Lab Week 7 Twinery Story Week 6 Voyant Reflection Week 5 Omeka Reflection Week 4 Omeka Reflection Week 3 Omeka Reflection Week 2

  • Omeka Reflection Week 3

    This week in Omeka I chose a more diverse insight into my life. The two MP4 files this week consisted of my little cousin’s first birthday and a surprise presents my friends and I gave in our senior year of high school. At first, I wasn’t sure which clips I was going to post but […]